Hiring Today - A New Challenge for Grounds Managers

    As some of you know, I recently started my new position as the Landscape Manager for Michael P Neath Landscape Construction. The company is located in beautiful Cape Cod, Mass. and the focus is on high-end ocean front properties. Part of my position is hiring new employees for the upcoming season and for the future growth of the company. Positions consist of crew leaders, flower crew, maintenance and construction members. During the past week, I have responded to almost 30 request for employment from on-line ads and I was amazed that some respondents applied with e-mails that say – I am ready to work – Call me if there is any interest- I am responding to your ad. None of these people either, A - did not mention anything of their background or experience, B - Did not have a resume prepared to apply, and C - apply for jobs they had no qualifications for. Now comes the fun part! After e-mailing most of the applicants back for a request of information about themselves, nine applicants for the flower crew position that applied, and two people responded back. For the other positions, I lined up eight interviews with an average of four e-mails back and forth to set up a day and time. The first three did not even show up or let me know that they were not going to make it. Two of these were for crew leaders and the fourth person showed up with his cap on sideways, two large diamond earing’s, a worn out black leather coat, and of course,  the baggie jeans and sneakers smelling like smoke. Just to set the record straight, I‘m not being judgmental, our ad clearly states that we are a smoke-free company looking for professionals to work at high-end estates. PS. we do not allow earrings, unshaven, long hair or head phones worn during work. Hopefully in the next week or so things will work out better that the first two weeks. I do have more experienced people (with resumes) lined up for the next two weeks. If anyone has any suggestions on where to recruit other that Indeed or Craigslist, please feel free to e-mail me at Thank you for your time reading this. – John Doiron


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